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Big D & the Good News Blues: Big D's Writings

Miracle in AMERICA

Miracle in America jpg smaller
It occurs to me that the greatest miracle in the story of Jonah was not that a great fish swallowed a man for three days and vomited him up ALIVE on the very land where God had told him to go in the first place. The greatest miracle was not that God appointed a very large plant to grow so Jonah could be in the shade, or that God appointed a worm to eat the plant, then appointed a scorching wind and burning hot sun so that Jonah, once again, despaired of life. No, the real miracle in the story of Jonah is that a great city filled with wickedness heard the WORD OF GOD and repented of their the rest of the story here:

Fishing for Taxes

fishing for taxes jpg
Oh, how awesome is our God?! He's intimately acquainted with all our ways...even our taxes. Having trouble with tax day? Just go fishing with Jesus! :D Shalom, Big D
Click here to read more:Fishing For Taxes

Three Semi-Simple Scenarios That Could Simply Set Us Free

Three Semi Simple Scenarios jpg smaller
It's very helpful to distinguish between a trial, an attack, and a giant bully in our lives. Understanding these three scenarios will help us to stop fighting the trial, stop enduring the attack, and stop trying to fight the battles that are the Lord's battles. (please click on the PDF link for the whole story)

The Age Old Argument

With answers to questions like: How old is too old? And, what's age got to do with it? & When is old too old for God's use? Find out how God sees the elderly and how we should treat them. All this and more!
Read the rest of the story here:

I Thank the Lord For ALL Things

I Thank the Lord for all things pic "I thank the Lord for many things like washing machines, and electricity; for fancy coffee, a place to live, and for my family. For sight, songs of faith, chimes, and cell phones with minutes to burn. For giant oatmeal cream pies, running water, and for finally finding a product that detangles my hair:)....

Read the rest of the story here:

If I Were a Dog

if I were a dog picture Please click on the link for the whole story. Thanks for reading! Big D

Happy Thanksgivings!

Title banner for Happy Thanksgivings
For the Christian, thanksgiving is not a noun, it's a verb, it's a lifestyle! Happy Thanksgivings! Big D Read the rest of the story below:

Fried Chicken, the Witch, & the Christian

We were hungry for fried chicken...

Click on the link for the rest of the story! Shalom! Big D

"Forget Me Not"

Well, this is different. It's my second time attempting to write an allegory.
Let me know what you think of it, and if it makes any sense...any sense at all. :)
Forget me not flower smaller Click here for the whole story!

Worship: Not Where or How, But WHO

Here's an excerpt from this writing:

"The thing we can't get on a Sunday morning is a lifestyle of “more of Him.” We can sing until we're blue in the face, but a song will not make up for a week of distance, no matter how much we repeat the phrase, "I want more of You, God," or “I surrender all.” If, however, we are truly pressing in to His presence during the week, in every aspect of our lives, then it is quite possible to "see" more of Him as we sing these songs of prayer and worship."  

Click Here for the REST OF THE STORY:

Holy Procrastination!

procrastination pic smaller Boy, this was a hard article to write! I have a column in a weekly newspaper called, "Jesus in Everyday Life." I put off writing this particular article for so long that I almost missed the deadline! :)
If you have a problem with procrastination, someone should tell you that sometimes procrastination isn't ALL bad!! Enjoy! Big D

Shut the Front Door!

door knob
It was a fine door as far as doors go

Having just been painted after living in gray primer for three years, this door was perfect. Until somehow, over time, the door had warped and now, when you shut the door, you had to push on it to make doubly sure it had latched.
It was January 1, 2013. I had gone upstairs to go to bed around 10 pm...
Read the rest of the story here!:

I Thank the Lord for ALL Things!

Click here for a Thanksgiving Day/Life Message:

All This for a Flag?

Flag Really? How much do we really think about the Flag of the United States of America? Plenty of people have fought and died to keep it safe, but what does it really mean today? Click here to see a fresh perspective on what our Flag is worth today. Enjoy!

We're All in This Race Together!

race_smaller1.jpg "run the race with endurance..." What kind of race is the Christian life anyway?
What if it's a 3-legged race and we're all in this together?!
Thanks for reading!

the Day in Between

Hot off the presses! Check it out!

Saturday, the day in between Good Friday & the Resurrection of Jesus Christ...

Happy 'Day in Between!'

Jesus in Real Life

2b_cropped There is no separating any part of life from Jesus when we become His.
This is the story of just such an instance where the rubber meets the road and all that's left is to live out our faith. This is Jesus in Real Life!
Click here to read!

Ground Hog Day

Some may call it a “rut,” others call it “one more time around the
mountain,” the Apostle Paul may have called it “a thorn in the flesh,”
and lately, I’ve come to call it “ground hog day.”

Click here to see the rest of the story:

The Final Resolution

new-year-resolution-cartoon-11.jpg What if there was just one resolution that would put an END to all resolutions? I believe I found what that is! Read the article to see if I'm right:)
Let me know if you agree, email me at
Thanks for reading. Big D


present_cropped It's time to forgive. It's time to let it go. God, through Jesus, has forgiven us so much, how can we withhold from others what God has freely given to us? It's the Season for-giving! Merry Christmas from Big D!

He-Brews the Best

Do you sometimes feel like a dirty coffee maker? In our spiritual lives we can get 'gunked up' with unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, etc. and become ineffective in our walk with Christ. We don't allow Christ to freely flow through us because of our sin. We end up making a lot of noise, but not really accomplishing the work HE has for us. Here is the solution, HE brews the best! Thanks for reading! D

Between the Window & the Screen

Do you ever feel like a fly stuck between the window & the screen? Feel like you're just batting around aimlessly between the window & the screen of life? Freedom is just within reach...Jesus is our only hope! Peace, D

Festival in Review

This is a review of the Copper Peak Christian Music Festival from the perspective of Big D (one of the organizers)


Everyday Should Be Memorial Day!

A "thank you" to every American Veteran or active service member from one grateful, FREE American citizen!

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