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Big D & the Good News Blues, cool music with a righteous message!)



Here's some good, good news:


How long do you think your lifetime is? Here's an original song I wrote to address this question.

Please email me at if you aren't sure of your eternal destiny. It's the most important thing to get prepared for. Shalom, Big D

As a Christian, what do you do when someone gives you glory for something you KNOW was all God's doing? Do you reflect that glory back to God? Remember Herod in the Book of Acts, the people were praising him for his fine speech. They were saying, "the voice of a god and not of a man!" Well, Herod did not reflect the glory back to God... and he paid a horrible price for it. :( (See Acts 12:22-23)

God says that He will NOT share HIS glory with another. (Isaiah 42:8)

Let's be Glory Reflectors!!

Glory Reflectors

i am blessed!

i am blessed smallerstill

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