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Big D & the Good News Blues: Big D's News


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Big D in Concert at Living Word UPDATE - June 24, 2007

That was a really cool concert at Living Word Christian Store with a lot of thanks for those who came and those who prayed...At least one person we know of made a decision to follow Christ! Success! Who knows what else God did! I am constantly amazed at His Presence, and the longer I serve Him, the more amazed I am. Jesus is so awesome! If you don't know Him, and you want to be forgiven of all your sins, please email me at, I would be honored to help you begin this journey that never disappoints and never ends......Big D

Update on the Big D LA World Tour - June 6, 2007

We're back from LA (Louisiana), and we had a great time! See our music page for some short videos of our experiences...Even though the trip was long, and extremely uncomfortable in the Ford Taurus (with a large drum set, small sound system, and 3 large people for 16 hours each way) we still had a great time in Monroe and West Monroe, LA.
Thanks to Rick at Hill Radio 100.9 for the two hour morning show interview, complete with 2 live songs; to the local TV station for opening up their airwaves to a Big D interview, and of course, their forgiveness for my heisting their lapel microphone:( which we returned promptly:).. to the Cross radio 88.7 for the radio interview, to Sarah at the Blessings Bookstore/Appletree Cafe for her hospitality and great food; thanks to Sandra and Daryl, who not only had to house this family band, but also had to feed, and surrender their living room for several band practices..hearing the same songs too many times:).. thanks a latte' Sandra! Thanks to the diehard Christians who came out to the Park for the LA Rain Fest, it was good to meet all of you; to the sound company who waited with all of us in the rain for an hour and 15 minutes when we finally decided to start the concert in the rain, with only a few people in the audience; and finally, thank you to my husband for being extremely patient (by the end:), and for financially backing this endeavor. I am grateful, and can't wait to plan the next trip to LA, possibly in late October. We'll have new music, the same message, and hopefully an RV to travel in... cause I am way too old to ever take that trip in a Ford Taurus, or any other car, again:)
Big D

Big D...on the road again! - May 25, 2007

Big D from Big D & the Good News Blues is going to visit a friend in Louisiana in June 2007. While there, she and band (3 pieces: Big D, husband and son) will play two (scheduled) concerts in the short 6 day visit. She will also visit several coffee shops for lattes with her friend Sandra.
Additionally, she will do a couple of radio interviews, and possibly a tv interview.
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