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Big D & the Good News Blues: Big D Press

Big Time CD reviews

Denise never ceases to minister to me and leave me in awe.
Reviewer: Charlene Collins
This girl has so much talent, it is busting out all over. The best news is that she gives all the glory to the giver, Our Lord. I want more of her music.
Charlene - (May 26, 2007)
Reviewer: Trish Sturiano
This CD is definitely God inspired! Not only is this a very enjoyable CD to listen to but it draws you closer to God as well. She has a very unique quality to her voice that is all her own.

Beautiful, Versitile Voice
Reviewer: Carol Ciarniello
Big D (Denise) has one of the most beautiful, versitile voices you will ever hear. Give this one a listen, it's worth your time; soon you'll be tapping your foot--it's contagious!

Great and uplifting music
Reviewer: Sandra Jones
The music is a blessing and really gets to the point which is CHRIST! and what HE has done for us. I would recommend it to everyone young or old.

An awesome uplifting spiritual experience!
Reviewer: Nancy Bivens
This CD is full of songs that will move you spiritually! As you tap along to the Good News of each song you can't help but be changed by the end of this album! Big Time CD ia an awesome uplifiting spiritual experience!
Hey Big D,

MAN !! WOW !! What a great sounding band you have there.
I really, really enjoyed the guitar playing.
And the female vocalist is awesome !!
It's not often I run across a guitarist that understands there's more to playing rhythm guitar than just strumming out a few chords.

Rhythm guitar in the 70's had reached art form status.
Now, sad to say, it's almost a dying art form.
Very, very impressive band.