I Love the Lord Because

I love the Lord because He's faithful, and powerful and merciful and just. I love how He speaks to me through His Word, and His people, and His Spirit, I love the work that He does. I love the Lord because He hears MY voice, and that He answers my every heart's desire. I love my Lord for His attentiveness to my supplications and how He calls me to come up higher. I love how He gives me the question, just so that I can go on a quest, and find my answer wholly in Him.
I love Him for His sensitivity, and patience, and tenderness to me. I love the Lord because He won't abandon me, but will ALWAYS DEFEND ME because He loves the outcast and the throw-a ways and the unlovable, and the rich and the beautiful, and He does so equally. I love the Lord because He's for me, and with me, and in me, and because He loved me first and loves me still.
Time will fail me to tell you all the reasons that
I love Him.
Through all of my weakness and failures and obvious flaws, suffice it to say,
I love the Lord because.
dh 9.18.15