Rejoice!! There is great music out there! Reviewer: Burt Wizeman Come on man: It has organ punctuating the undercurrent of the best of songs since the Lord bara Rhythm and Blues. Snap crisp and clear guitars that puts the fun in funk. A bass that harkens back to the days of the best riffs from outside the loop in Chi town Those vocals, that can't possibly be emanating from a petite white girl's soul, but are - all of it packaged in a well produced and engineered recording that is so catchy that it could be illegal. Bootleg is not a bad name for something as addictive as reading scripture. When first accepting Christ one thing I wondered about was my musical tastes. I knew that much of it was not glorifying to my Lord at all. What was I to do? I prayed and spent more than a few moments of sorrow with that part of my walk. Most of what was offered in the "Christian Market" was worldly pop riffs and licks, production styles straight from MTV and lyrics with the word ‘Jesus’ inserted where any secular reference could have been added as a "baby", "honey" or another term of endearment. Where was the substance that I had from my Lord reflected in music? Where was the originality? I place Big D and The Good News Blues up there with some of the most heartfelt and sincere writers and performers for the Lord today. D's live performances are not just a series of tunes peppered with some well rehearsed exoneration. With her Bible in her hand, rich with pages scribed in a rainbow of mark up from an untold number of inductive studies, she speaks the Word of God, lays it on an honest line and then plays a tune that not only fits the verse, but enhances the understanding to those that maybe don't get it in reading alone or maybe never got it before until now. You will feel what good music makes you feel, you will move, goodness, you will dance like David! Big D and The Good News Blues are The Real Thing, they walk that line that so many others try to justify. She is doing it for the Lord and the Lord has laid down some great stuff through this lady and her band. With a huge BC appreciation for some of our cultures most self destructive bluesman and woman, it was such a God praising relief to hear Big D for the first time. I had found the substance, the honesty, the soul and the stand for our Lord in 12 bars and more!” - Burt
Music that boldly proclaims the TRUTH. Reviewer: Susan Arnold First off I say "Ditto" to what Burt said. Live at the Lighthouse was a blessing to attend as well as to listen to over and over again.It's an awesome blend of the Truth of God's Word ( which sets us free ) with anointed music. It's refreshing to hear Christian music that BOLDLY proclaims God's Word. It's clear that "Big D's" music is not about her or the band, but all about Jesus.” - Susan
Reviewer: Wendy This CD reaches out to the heart of real people who are hurting and offers real hope. Heartfelt and passionate; this CD will move your heart and spirit!” - Wendy
BOOTLEG REVIEWS.... Awsome toe tapping fun! Reviewer: Jessie Gardner I'm not big into most Christian music, but this one really gets me to tap my foot and sing along! Big D has a great voice and a talent for music to our prayers! Music that speaks to your heart Reviewer: Sandra Jones This is indeed another God inspired CD from "Big D" It not only speaks to your heart but witnesses to your soul and sets your heart on fire for the works of CHRIST. Can't wait for the next one to come out! Powerful and Encouraging! Reviewer: Nancy Bivens Wow! This CD is packed with the love of Christ! You can not help but to be uplifited and encouraged when you listen to this CD. Fabulous music and powerful truth filled lyrics will move your heart! This is a must have for your CD collection! Toss the hymnal pal!!! "We’ve found it here" Reviewer: Fred & Kathy Packwood Wow!!! the truth of the Gospel crashes into a higher quality of down home blues. The result! Jesus and his word come through in a big way. Theses guys have got it. I’ve seen them live, their just as good. You need to add this one to your list. Reviewer: Maureen Hird I could listen 24/7 to Big D's music. When you truly listen to the words in every song, you cannot help but feel the Holy Spirit. Big D's music tells it like it is, just as Christ revealed how life on earth can be difficult, but through the Holy Spirit we are promised Eternal Life. Thanks Big D!! Music that ministers to a generation of x-partiers, breaking the generational cu Reviewer: Melissa Simmons This music is familiar but with a message hope and an obvious testimony of a transformed life through the message of the Cross. Giving glory to Jesus Great music! Reviewer: Bill Straitwell This music is beautiful! You can hear the love that Denise and her group have for Christ in the words. The blend of music and words are professional quality and truly help you to become closer to Jesus as you listen.” - Jessie, Sandra, Nancy, Fred & Kathy, Maureen, Melissa, Bill

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