Denise aka Big D - Lead Vocals/acoustic guitar

Big D & the Good News Blues has been around since 2000. The members of the band have changed over the years, but Big D and her message have not. Big D (Denise) was saved (became a Christian) in 1986. She had sung before, but not in public since her last solo in the 4th grade. In her teens Denise was depressed, and became suicidal. It wasn't until she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ that she began to sing, this time with a purpose, to proclaim the Gospel (Good News) in song. Over the last 27 years Big D has written many songs about this hope and life in Jesus Christ, all for one reason, to see people transformed by this Gospel, which is the power of God to save! If you come to a Big D concert you'll be sure to hear one theme ringing through every song, the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly proclaimed....and that without apology. Romans 1:16