Miracle in AMERICA 

It occurs to me that the greatest miracle in the story of Jonah was not that a great fish swallowed a man for three days and vomited him up ALIVE on the very land where God had told him to go in the first place. The greatest miracle was not that God appointed a very large plant to grow so Jonah could be in the shade, or that God appointed a worm to eat the plant, then appointed a scorching wind and burning hot sun so that Jonah, once again, despaired of life. No, the real miracle in the story of Jonah is…

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Born Gay? 

Wow, what a topic to tackle. But, hey, we can absolutely find the answer in Jesus/the Word of God! That's what I have attempted to do with this very short writing. Surprisingly, the answers to the questions we are asking are not as complicated as we sometimes make them. Jesus has the answer to every question, including, but not limited to, are people born gay "It’s not God’s fault or His design that we should be born sinners, but it has always been His plan -through Jesus- to save us from having to…

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Fishing for Taxes 

Oh, how awesome is our God?! He's intimately acquainted with all our ways...even our taxes. Having trouble with tax day? Just go fishing with Jesus! :D Shalom, Big D Click here to read more:Fishing For Taxes

Three Semi-Simple Scenarios That Could Simply Set Us Free 

It's very helpful to distinguish between a trial, an attack, and a giant bully in our lives. Understanding these three scenarios will help us to stop fighting the trial, stop enduring the attack, and stop trying to fight the battles that are the Lord's battles. (please click on the PDF link for the whole story) http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/Three_semi-simple_scenarios_of_life_that_will_simply_set_us_free.pdf

The Age Old Argument 

With answers to questions like: How old is too old? And, what's age got to do with it? & When is old too old for God's use? Find out how God sees the elderly and how we should treat them. All this and more! Read the rest of the story here: http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/The_Age_Old_Argument__final_1.pdf

I Thank the Lord For ALL Things 

"I thank the Lord for many things like washing machines, and electricity; for fancy coffee, a place to live, and for my family. For sight, songs of faith, chimes, and cell phones with minutes to burn. For giant oatmeal cream pies, running water, and for finally finding a product that detangles my hair:).... Read the rest of the story here: http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/I_thank_the_Lord_for_ALL_things1.pdf

If I Were a Dog 

Please click on the link for the whole story. Thanks for reading! Big D http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/If_I_were_a_dog_final.pdf

Happy Thanksgivings! 

For the Christian, thanksgiving is not a noun, it's a verb, it's a lifestyle! Happy Thanksgivings! Big D Read the rest of the story below: http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/Happy_Thanksgivings__.pdf

Fried Chicken, the Witch, & the Christian 

We were hungry for fried chicken... Click on the link for the rest of the story! Shalom! Big D http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/Fried_Chicken__The_Witch__and_The_Christian.pdf

"Forget Me Not" 

Well, this is different. It's my second time attempting to write an allegory. Let me know what you think of it, and if it makes any sense...any sense at all. :) Click here for the whole story! http://bigdblues.com/publicfiles/Forget_Me_Not.pdf