Big D's BOOK - Just Hold On!

At a time when hopelessness and suicide are on the rise, "just hold on" gives unique and practical insight into some of the deep questions surrounding the dark reality of suicide. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a person who is suicidal? What would drive someone to make such a permanent decision? What if you came face to face with someone who was threatening suicide? Would you know what to do? Are you suicidal? What if I gave you five really good reasons not take your own life? Would you hear me out? Have you ever thought about those who are left behind after a loved one has taken his or her own life? Is the grief they bear different from the grief caused by other ways of death? In the midst of their deep loss and often times hounding guilt, how can we comfort them? Through interviews with people who have been there, "just hold on" will attempt to tackle these hard questions with real answers that cut through the dark cloud of depression and desperation. If you're weary and tired of life, or know someone who is, then this is the perfect book for you. Within its pages, you will find ways not only to hold on to life today, but also to have real joy in living tomorrow. Peace and a better life await you if you "just hold on."


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