From the recording Who is I AM? (spoken word)


Who is I AM?

Mere words could never adequately describe His worth, but from what I’ve seen, He's amazing and full of irresistible grace. Justice and truth can’t even exist without Him. He's the sovereign King, He knows everything, and He’s worthy of every single, solitary praise!
He will ALWAYS finish what He starts, He won't ever fail,
and He can't lie. He won’t falter or fall, He never trips,
and His faithfulness is permanently in tact.
He keeps all His promises, and appointments-
He's never late or early or at the wrong place.
He doesn't take back His gifts or His callings,
and He never makes a mistake.
He's our defender, our champion and our eternal hope.
He holds our hand, and won’t withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly. It’s impossible for Him to abandon us, or send us away... His love is immovable, steadfast, and won’t bend, EVEN if we stumble or stray. All this and so much more is Who He is,
‘the only God our Savior, and Jesus Christ our Lord, to Him be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever....' (‘Jude 25’) Yes, He’s our Creator, our rescuer, our redeemer and the sole/soul giver of life. Always present, full of goodness, truth, gentleness and joy.
He’s extravagantly gracious to us. He’s Jesus.
He’s the answer to every question, the solution to every quandary, the peace to every conflicted heart, and the fulfilling satisfaction to every mystery. He made the moon, the stars, the planets and He made me. He’s the author of time and space and every molecule in between. He’s God. I am His. But with all my trying, there seems to be no better way to describe Him than the way He described Himself….

He is I AM.