1. Unsung Heroes

From the recording Unsung Heroes

Yet another song celebrating the life and sacrifice of missionaries, especially those who suffer physical imprisonment and hardship because of their faith. But this song is also for those in the "Church" who are faithful, yet unknown; who quietly serve and obey our Lord Jesus with no title or recognition. They are the prayer warriors who are not even noticed for the Spiritual Giants that they are! God sees them, He knows their service, He will reward them. If this is you, hold on and keep being faithful to fulfill the calling and duties the Most High God calls you to....you are not forgotten, on the contrary, I think God may hear you the loudest. Shalom, D


This is a song for the unsung heroes
The battles that you fight are never in the spotlight
You have no rank or name, the glory is not yours
Standing in the gap so others like eagles soar

This is a song for the unknown soldiers
Serving in unmarked spaces in this world
Yet walking in the light of God’s glorious presence
Always laying down your life and picking up the cross of Christ

I sing this song for you to the Glory of our King!
To faithful warriors in the face of suffering;
I sing this song for you to the Glory of our King!
Don’t lose heart, your reward is coming

This is a song for the prisoners of war
Captured by the enemy but not forgotten
Stripped of everything this world has to offer
Yet clothed in the truth that all the promises of God are sure!

This is a song for you! Jesus is singing over you!
In heaven the song will be .... no longer unsung,
You’re a hero, well done....

dh 10.25.10