TESTIMONY: Do people really win?

Listen to the testimony of one such winner...he signed up on the Big D email list and the next thing he knew, he had won some very rare Big D stuff! You don't even have to be an American to win!:) (our very first winner is from Australia) Just sign up for the Big D email list, and you will be entered to win Random Big D stuff...otherwise known as D-mail:) Believe me, you want D-mail, you do TESTIMONY: After looking through the Big D website, I decided to join the mailing list and sign the guestbook. I first came across Big D's music on MySpace and enjoyed the wholesome sound and the direct message of the gospel. I was also impressed a lot by the unity in the family with father, mother and son playing together in harmony and producing such heart felt tunes. I soon received an email telling me I had been chosen to receive the Random Big D Stuff. I was excited about having some surprise goodies sent to me all the way over here in Tasmania, Australia. I figured it would be a couple of weeks wait before it arrived, coming such a long way and all. Well, was I surprised when only a few days later a parcel arrived with lots of goodies from Big D. What a stash! I was like a little boy again, and couldn't wait to play the CD's and listen to more of Big D & the Good News Blues. I was in for a surprise. I listened to five CD's in a row and was so uplifted by the whole experience. Not only did I receive gifts from Big D, but I found myself deeply stirred in my soul and spirit by the music I listened to and that is a gift from God in Jesus Christ the Lord. I have listened to many different things from every genre imaginable over the years and I can honestly say that I have never been so blessed by music as I have been listening to Big D's stash. I fully recommend signing the guest book and getting on Big D's email list, because if the Random Big D Stash comes your way you'll get something of real and definite value to your life. If you love Jesus, you'll be taken to new heights of worship and praise direct from your inner parts. If you don't know Jesus and would like soothing balm to your spirit and soul, Big D's music is a good place to begin. Yes, if you don't know the Lord before you listen to Big D's music stash, you will have a pretty clear picture of who He is, what He's done for you and what He will do for you and how, by the time you finish listening. AND the music is good and classy , quality you can be proud to have in your collection! Thank you Big D for the stash you sent me. May you be equally blessed, often. Br. Bear Tasmania

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