The "near miss" Blessing

The "near miss" Blessing - March 28, 2009 Ok, so I'm sitting in my house minding my own business when all of the sudden, I hear and "feel" this big thud outside. This was a really big "THUD" that shouldn't be ignored. I run out to find that the wind had blown down our basketball hoop thingy (which, incidentally weighs a ton) in the direction of my car, just missing it by about 5 inches...see the pictures of this amazing "near miss" blessing. The thing is, I usually don't park in the drive way and when I do I never do it the same...further up, further back. Another thing is I've been having Worship Team practice at my house every Sat. between 12-2 pm for the last 6 Saturdays. We decided last week to stop the Saturday practices.. (this "near miss" happened at approx. 1:45 pm.) Praise God, it wasn't my car, but double praise God it wasn't someone else's car either...:) The Basketball hoop contraption NEVER touched my car!!! Thank You Jesus!!!! Count your blessings, name them one by one:) Through this near miss, I was reminded that blessings can come in different packages. Sometimes the blessing isn't only the good thing that happens to us, but can also be the bad thing that didn't happen.... I wonder how many "near miss" blessings we actually have without ever knowing about them...Let’s thank God for all our blessings, not only for what we have, but also to be thankful for what we don’t have...Today, I’m thankful for the blessing of the “near miss” :) PEACE IN, Big D PEACE IN, Big D

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